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We provide Flatbed Road
Freight transportation
services across East and
Southern Africa.

About IdFabric

Inspired by the sheer beauty of Tanzania and its people. Challenged by climate change and plastic pollution. Founded in February 2019, we run a series of businesses focussing on recycling, social impact and functional authentic design.

About IdFabric Transport

IdFabric transport division started as an “accident” where our neighbours would request for services on trucks that we used on our Soulbox movements. One tripled to another and as we were also our own customers, we truly understood the need of fast and safe delivery while giving the service.

Through this journey we aim to be the leading and integrating global and local logistics and supply chain management by providing business with enabling solutions and exceeding customer expectations.


We offer customers a competitive advantage due to our unique combination of innovative technology, industry expertise, professional work ethics and our seamless and modern approach in transportation service.

We own and operate a growing fleet of well maintained vehicles for local goods transportation and transit services to nearby countries. Carrying up to 30 Tons Loose and containerized cargo, our growing fleet of highly maintained semi trailer trucks are monitored by specialized logistics software to track the status of your freight at all times, ensuring safety and accurate delivery times.

IdFabric is reputable in offering heavy haulage services by providing its clients with all types of machinery, cranes, objects lifting and material handling tools for getting the job done right. We assure a smooth operation through on-site consultations, job site equipment planning and management.

4 Ton Forklift
8 Ton Forklift 20Ton Crane Truck

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